we are currently away from the store, at Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show.

the store cart is off, but feel free to browse, and we’ll be back on board on Tuesday 23rd July!

I hope you enjoy your visit here at Moseley Park! 

In August 2015, we bought the Earth Palette dyes business.

We use these dyes to handdye most of our yarns and fibres, as they are so easy to use, and have beautiful bright colours.

I do stock some of these on my Moseley Park website, but if you want to see the whole range please check out my Earth Palette website.

At Moseley Park, we have lots of Sock-yarns, but we also stock Lace Yarns, and 8 ply yarns. 

We also have lots of beautiful handdyed Fibre blends, as well as a

wide range of Natural coloured fibres.

We stock the Knit Pro knitting needle range as well as Tantech Fibre Scour and wash.

I am always adding new fibre and yarn, so feel free to come back and check out the latest items.

Let me know if you can't find what you are looking for, and I'll do

my best to help you find it,  Jane!